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Concussion Research


The completed study looks to understand how osteopathy can help individuals having suffered a concussion, also called a minor traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Participants were included if they were aged 24-45 years, if they have had a diagnosed concussion within the last year, were still exhibiting symptoms, and were available for 6 appointments in a 7 week period.

Participants had their visual function measured by a Behavioural Optometrist prior to and after receiving 3 osteopathic manual therapy sessions.

Historically, Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy, taught his students that each patient should be treated as a unique individual, not as a disease entity. He emphasized the search for poor self-care habits, repetitive strain or parts of the body not moving according to normal physiology due to traumatic events. These findings would inevitably explain how an interruption of the body’s natural ability to heal created a state of dysfunction or disease. In a group with head trauma, the role of the Osteopath is to carefully examine the subject to restore balance, mobility and adaptability.


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